The financial issues

The university pays the foreign university tuition according to the agreement signed between the two universities.

The university pays the students salary during the their study.  The students also receive the other amounts of money as stated in the contract unless the student does anything against the rules.


The university pays for the travel expenses including the tickets for the supervisors.


The student can have a paid visit to the foreign university headquarters for a period of 7 to 10 days and once a year  during the period of the study.


When the female student travels abroad, the university should pay for  her escort 's "muhram" ticket.


The university provides the students with necessary technical equipment which are unavailable in the program's laboratories and were recommended by the supervisor.


The university also pays for the books and reference books for only one time during the year. It also pays for covering the thesis an amount of about 4000 SR.


If the thesis needed further studies outside or inside the kingdom, and for only three months, they are approved depending on the recommendation of the supervisor and the accreditation of the permanent committee of the program. They are financially treated according to the rules and regulations of the program.

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