Conditions of Admission

Chapter five of graduate studies regulations for female students of joint supervision programs define admission conditions as follow:

1. She should be an associate lecturer or lecturer in the university and female lecturers are prioritized.

2. She should hold the Saudi nationality.
She should have been employed in the university for at least two academic semesters.

4. She should engage wholly in domain defined by the Joint Supervision Committee

5. She should provide two recommendations of two of professor who taught her.

6. She should achieve the required level in the English language as required by other universities.

7. Any other relevant conditions recommended by the Permanent Committee of Graduate Studies of the female students in the joint supervision program.

Requirements of Admission

1. Filling the admission form of the graduate studies.

2. Personal and academic curriculum vitae.

3. copy of the bachelor, master degrees and grades list.

4. copy of the family or ID card.

5. A copy of appointment decision (female associate lecturers or lecturers).

6. To recommendations in English provided by professors who taught them.

7. A statement that indicates their general and accurate majoring of the doctorate degree.

8. Proposed project of doctorate dissertation.

9. TOFEL or IELT certificate

 Admission Mechanism:

1. The student submits her application form and the required documents to the director of her department.

2. The application form is submitted to the board of the department or the triple committee in the department and the dean of the faculty approves the minute.

3. The director of the department submits the application form to the board of the faculty or the triple committee in the faculty and the chancellor endorses the minute.

4. After being approved by the department and faculty, the application form is sent to the general supervisor of graduate studies of the female students in the joint supervision program to be examined by the permanent committee of the program.

5. As soon as the application form is approved by the permanent committee of joint supervision program for females, the administration of the program search of admission for the student in one of the universities that contracts with the program.

6. Any admission can be approved that the female students obtains directly in any accredited university to study according to joint supervision system.

7. Admission, the external supervisor’s name and his/her CV before the academic department board of the female student to endorse it.

8. The academic department of the female student elects the internal supervisor and his/her CV is sent through the joint supervision committee of the external university to accredit him/her as assistant supervisor of the external supervisor.

9. The whole process is submitted to the permanent committee for scholarships and training for testament to the board of the university.

10. The whole application form is submitted to the board of the university to approve the process of registering the female student in the external university.

11. After the approval of the university, THE Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies issues the registration decision in the external university for the female student and he defines the university name, the length of study, the general and accurate majoring.
12. The date of starting attending the program is defined for the female student in collaboration among the joint supervision program committee, the external university and the supervisors.

13. Chapter seven of graduate studies organizational regulations of joint supervision for female students define the laws and instructions of the scientific and academic supervision.

14. Chapter Nine of the graduate studies organizational regulations related to joint supervision program for female students defines her commitments.


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