Joint Supervision Program

Partial Relief from Teaching

The student is partially relieved from her teaching load after she pays her first visit to the external supervisor or s/he pays his/her first visit to her, so that her weekly teaching load does not exceed 3 credit hours or one laboratory. In this case, the following must be taken into consideration:


  • Preferably, the student is to teach small groups of students.
  • The student is to be assigned the supervision of TV courses or laboratories so as to relieve her from the burdens of planning and exams.
  • The student is to invigilate exams of her courses exclusively.
  • During the period of Partial Relief from Teachingthe student is not assigned a teaching load if;
    1. she is instructed to complete courses in computer, Internet, research methodology, statistics or English,
    2. she must do coursework in her area of specialization, and thus she has a class schedule at KAU or at the external university, or
    3. she needs to pay a visit to the external university according to her external and internal supervisor’s recommendation to attend lectures relevant to her area of specialization, meet her external Supervisor or do pre-requisite courses. The student should submit a detailed report on such visits.
  • The joint supervision graduate student is not eligible for Partial Relief from teaching if she exceeds the period of regular study including the extensions or if she is proven negligent.
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