Joint Supervision Program

Student’s Obligations

The joint supervision graduate student must commit herself to the following obligations:


  1. Enrolling in only one graduate program at a time.
  2. Adhering to the academic and scientific rules and regulations of the external university.
  3. Maintaining progress and following the study plan agreed upon with supervisors.
  4. Following the supervisor’s advice and instructions , adhering to what is stated in their academic reports, and following the instructions of the Joint Supervision Graduate Program.
  5. Coordinating with her supervisors in order to schedule visits suitable for each phase of her study plan so as to ensure graduation within the permitted period of time.
  6. Giving an annual presentation on her study progress as of the second year of study at the department in coordination with the internal supervisor. She also has to prepare a report on that presentation and submit it to the concerned college Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, before it is forwarded to the General Supervisor.
  7. Submitting a bi-annual report on her study progress to the General Supervisor at the end of each semester.
  8. Completing preparatory courses recommended by the Joint Supervision Committee or by the supervisors.
  9. Proceeding with her study at King Abdulaziz University during the period of her full relief from teaching.
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