Joint Supervision Program

Internal Supervisor

  1. The Department Council nominates a female internal supervisor or a male, if no female is available, provided that the student’s application to study at the foreign (external) university has been approved by both the department and college councils. The department may opt to nominate an internal supervisor from another KAU department, provided that there is coordination between both departments.
  2. Nomination of the internal supervisor is suspended pending the approval of the external university, which follows the approval of the Permanent Committee of the Joint Supervision Graduate Program for Female Students. The committee has every right to check out the internal supervisor’s resumé, teaching load and the number of theses s/he has supervised.
  3. The internal supervisor can visit the external university once per year for a 5-day period to discuss with the external supervisor the student's research results and to familiarize him/herself with relevant new technologies. The Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research may extend the visit’s duration to up to 10 days.
  4. The internal supervisor cannot supervise more than two students at any time. Two credit hours will be accredited towards his/her load for each student supervised.


Internal Supervisor’s Obligations

The internal supervisor acts as the student’s co-supervisor throughout her study period and has a legal obligation to:

  1. supervise the student's study and research plan as approved by the external supervisor,
  2. assist the student in overcoming research-related problems during her study period,
  3. maintain coordination with the Program Administration and department so as to provide the equipment and any other material required by the student for research,
  4. prepare a bi-annual report on the student's progress,
  5. notify the Program Administration of any deficiency in the student's academic performance,
  6. supervise the student’s annual seminar and submit a report on it to the Program Administration,
  7. s/he can visit the external university once a year and has to attend the student’s viva.
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