Joint Supervision Program

The university's relationship with the overseas universities

The items of the agreements signed between the university and the overseas universities  represent  the basis which govern the relationships  between the university and the partner universities.  It also make up the  organizational frame which defines the rights and the commitments of both parties .


The program's permanent committee is responsible for monitoring the students' affairs, going over the applications, enrolling students in the overseas universities, extending the period of study, changing the university, changing the supervisor, the overseas supervisor's visit to the kingdom,  and the students and her local supervisor's visit to the overseas university. Furthermore, the committee is responsible for studying and assessing the students' performance report and every thing concerns  the program   which is bypassed by the university's deputy for higher education.


The  graduate studies  program administration connects the  students with the participated overseas universities. In addition it supervises the students affairs.

The academic department at the faculty are responsible for assigning the major and the minor specializations.


The overseas university is responsible for granting the academic degree according to its very rules and regulations .

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