The organizational rules


Based on the royal call number 5/b/ 16918 issued on 25/11/1407 Hijiri, His royal highness, the vice prime minister, has emphasized on "the need to find a lawful alternative way by which female students can finish their graduate studies inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia" he also emphasized on the fact that "female students cannot travel outside unless a lawful escort "muhram" is accompanying them ".

The university has also worked so hard on finding other channels by which the female students, who do not have lawful escorts, and, who have great desire to pursue their higher studies. This can all be achieved by utilizing academic programs and curriculum which take into consideration the time needed for the study .These programs include the graduate studies program which is conducted by the Joint supervision program in coordination with the overseas universities

The co-supervision program is different form the any regular graduate studies program and the scholarships system as well. This program has been distinguished by its unique nature of study and the academic supervision .

It has also come into existence after realizing the importance of giving the female distinguished students the very same opportunities that their male peers have .

The university is keen to enable them to realize their ambitions in pursuing their studies in the different areas of knowledge .

Depending on the organizational rules of the female graduate studies through the Joint supervision program with the British universities accredited by the higher council for universities in the session 42 and 43 held on 5/5/1411 Hijri and 28/12/1411 Hijri and on the promising results of the Joint supervision program , which has enabled several students to get the PhD degrees, it has been urgent to reformulate the organizational rules of the Joint supervision program for the graduate studies. This reformulation has to take into consideration the changes that have taken place in the different elements of the Joint supervision program in light of the great support that the program has received from the university's administration.

Based on the above: the permanent committee for the Joint supervision program for graduate studies has fully revised the organizational rules of the program .This revision has been accredited by the university's deputy for graduate studies and academic research in his letter number 515 released on 1/1/1428 Hijri.

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