Joint Supervision Program


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King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is always employing all possible efforts to ensure the success of its student, which means the success of the university as a whole. In this respect, the joint supervision program (JSP) strive to cater for the need of some qualified university female lecturers and teaching assistants, competitive at an international level, who cannot peruse their studies abroad due to their social or familial constraints. Thus, the role of such a program is to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions addressed at carrying on their research without compromising academic quality.
JSP at KAU is considered a unique program among all Saudi universities that was initially founded to provide opportunities to female lecturers and teaching assistants at KAU to pursue their PhD studies from a variety of prestigious international universities without the need to travel abroad as the situation in case of full scholarship program.
Since the launching of the JSP in 1421H (1994G), 119 female lecturers and/or demonstrators were accepted in the program in different batches. Forty-five of them are graduated and they are currently withholding prominent academic degrees with superior performances in teaching responsibilities and research activities. Some of them are occupying highly administrative and leadership positions with meaningful contribution to our society. Fifty-three female students are currently undergoing their PhD degrees. They are expected to participate to the advancement of our society through the results of their pioneering research, and to encourage academic and scientific excellence

Ongoing collaboration is currently taking place between the JSP at KAU and a number of British and Scottish Universities. The JSP fully sponsor female faculty members of KAU during their postgraduate distance learning at the collaborative universities for a PhD degree. When a female lecturer and/or demonstrator is firstly accepted at the external university for PhD study through the JSP bureau, she will be appointed a principle external supervisor in the international university and a local co-supervisor in KAU.

All JSP students are provided with up-to-date laboratories and requirements to conduct her research project at KAU and any other facilities like video conference to facilitate their communication with their supervisors. JSP students are requested to take any specific courses pertinent to her specialty as recommended by both supervisors and to attend seminars, conferences, and lectures in her field of specialty. The JSP students are obliged to attend different workshops and courses as recommended by the administration of JSP such as, data statistical analysis, research methodology, academic writing, and referencing citation.

Correspondence between JSP students and their external supervisors are granted through all means of telecommunication including video conferences and emailing. The external supervisor is allowed to visit the JSP student in KAU twice a year, and the local supervisor, the JSP student and her Mahram are offered to visit the external university once a year.

The viva-voce examination is held either at the external university or at KAU campus. The external university solely awards the PhD degree according to the external university rules and regulations. Joint supervision of doctoral thesis is authenticated by adding the two universities’, KAU and the external university, names and logos on the PhD certificate.

The JSP bureau oversees all academic and administrative issues for JSP students, including payment of tuition fees of JSP students, experimental supplies, scientific equipments, travel expenses, and accommodation costs of the visits of the supervisory team, JSP student and her Mahram.

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